NHL Rumour Report: Chychrun sweepstakes heat up; 11 teams in the mix

Chychrun is the top blueliner available ahead of the NHL trade deadline.

- With news that Jakob Chychrun's lower body injury is relatively minor, teams have re-engaged with Arizona in one of the fiercest bidding wars of the season.
- After all, it's not often that a defenseman of his calibre is made available, especially not a 23 year old one with a good contract. But reports now suggest that Chychrun is welcoming of a trade and eager to get it over with as soon as possible. Bizarrely, the Coyotes are as well. 
There's a long queue of teams that have expressed interest in Chrychrun: the Panthers, Bruins, Rangers, Blues, Kings, Hurricanes, Flames, Leafs, Ducks, Blue Jackets and Canucks.
- In recent weeks, a pack of teams with significant interest appears to have broken out as frontrunners: the Ducks, Kings, Blue Jackets and Bruins, with the Hurricanes and Blues not far behind.
- The Coyotes are under no obligation to make a decision before Monday's deadline, but teams that strike out on rental D will continue to circle back. And with rebuilding teams such as the Blue Jackets and Ducks getting into the bidding war, there's a fear among contenders that right now might be their best chance to land the 23 year old blueliner. Stay tuned.
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