NHL Rumour Report: Two new Claude Giroux contenders emerge

There are believed to be at least 10 teams in the mix for Giroux.

- Now less than two weeks away from the NHL trade deadline, teams in the hunt for Claude Giroux are ready to put their best offers on the table.

- Long rumoured as a potential frontrunner, the Avalanche appear to have fallen behind the pack. They can't be ruled out, but they appear to have their eyes on other targets. More on that in an upcoming post.

- The list of teams interested in Giroux continues to grow. The Maple Leafs, Hurricanes, Blues, Rangers, Flames and Wild have long been rumoured as potential targets. Though nothing can be ruled out at this stage, those teams are not considered favourites. 

- Keep in mind as well that Giroux will be allowed to more or less choose where he wants to go, even if that team's offer isn't the strongest one on the table. But GM Chuck Fletcher intends to drum up as big a bidding war as possible in an attempt to avoid a debacle like the low return Buffalo got for Taylor Hall at last year's deadline.

- The Florida Panthers remain the consensus frontrunner as of this post, but there is still a lot of track left to be ran. Owen Tippett will almost certainly be part of any package from Florida.

- But two new teams have reportedly jumped into the mix in recent days who could give Florida a run for their money: the Bruins and Capitals. With 10 teams now reportedly in the mix, the bidding war for Claude Giroux is about to reach to another level.
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