Rumour Report: Habs trade precursor to something bigger?

Quick deadline eve update again. Habs trade away Desharnais; is it the precursor to something bigger?

Rumour Report: Deadline eve. Mason/Neuvirth, Hansen + more

Here we go. Just a short update as we all get ready to watch trade deadline shows, listen to deadline coverage on the radio, and incessantly refresh our hockey Twitter feeds all day.

Rumour Report: Goalie market ready to explode?

Quick hit on goalies...a lot could happen in the final hours leading up to the deadline.

Rumour Report: Faulk, Duchene, Lightning up to something + more

Not long to go now. The latest on Faulk, Shattenkirk fallout, Filppula, Johnson and Duchene.

Rumour Report: Filppula, Johnson, Chara, Miller + more

The floodgates have officially opened. Less than two days to go before the trade deadline and things are really heating up. The latest on Miller, Chara, Johnson, Filppula and more.

Rumour Report: Kane, Duclair next to go?

Quick hit. Evander Kane and Anthony Duclair enter into the rumour mill late Sunday night.

Rumour Report: Faulk in play? Sharp, Shattenkirk + more

Quick Sunday update on Justin Faulk, Kevin Shattenkirk and Patrick Sharp.

Rumour Report: Fleury still moving? Shattenkirk, Habs, Lightning, Preds + more

The Habs, Lightning and Predators could be up to something; is Fleury on the move after all? And who's getting Shattenkirk? That and more in the Rumour Report.

Rumour Report: Sharp, Kane, Caps busy, Hansen + much more

New names emerge in the rumour mill and the Patrick Sharp sweepstakes begin to gain momentum in this edition of the Rumour Report.

Rumour Report: Busy weekend ahead; Lazar, Stafford, Flyers plans + more

Bidding wars are developing for several pending UFAs, the plan moving forward for the Flyers and more in this edition of the Rumour Report.

Rumour Report: Hansen, Fleury, Shattenkirk, Duchene + more

An update of the contenders for Matt Duchene, Marc-Andre Fleury and Jannik Hansen, a look at which teams might be ready to sell and more in today's Rumour Report.

Rumour Report: Bishop, Shattenkirk, Boyle, goalie trades + more

A Shattenkirk trade seems all but inevitable, teams are looking at goalies and a pair of defensemen are drawing interest in this edition of the Rumour Report.

Rumour Report: Eberle, RNH, Tyler Johnson, Duchene, Habs plans + more

Six days to go. New names surface and an old rumour is rekindled in today's Rumour Report.

Rumour Report: Buyer or seller? 30 team trade deadline update

With so many teams still in the playoff hunt, it's still a seller's market. As a result, many teams may wait until the eleventh hour before pulling the chute on their season. In today's Rumour Report, we look at what we might expect all 30 teams to get up to in the last few days before the deadline.

Rumour Report: top 10 trade deadline players on the move

Many big names have recently surfaced in the rumour mill, but which of them will actually move before the March 1st deadline?

Trade Deadline Watch: Habs and Lightning talking trade?

Are the Canadiens and Lightning talking trade?

Rumour Report: Leafs big game hunting; new names in the rumour mill + more

Under two weeks before the trade deadline and the trade rumour board is being updated several times a day. Teams try to make deals in the weeks leading up to March 1st, so it's only a matter of time before the dam breaks open. New names in the rumour mill and updates on Duchene, Landeskog, Shattenkirk in this edition of the Rumour Report.

Rumour Report: Habs, Wings ready to deal; darkhorse trade candidates + more

It's the calm before the storm as we gear up for a busy second half of February on the trade front. The Habs have been busy on the scouting front and there's a growing sense a trade is coming; the Wings could be ready to make some moves and more in this edition of the Rumour Report.

Rumour Report: Atlantic deadline preview: Bruins, Habs, Leafs, Sabres, Red Wings, Sens, Lightning, Panthers

Plenty of tough choices to be made on the trade front in the Atlantic Division, which contains a mix of contenders, bubble teams and basement dwellers. Here are the latest rumours for all 8 teams.

Rumour Report: At least 10 teams in on Duchene; Faulk; Avs/Bruins trade; Boyle + more

The bidding war for Matt Duchene continues to escalate; would Carolina be willing to trade Justin Faulk? And will the Lightning go into sell mode this trade deadline? That and lots more in today's Rumour Report.

Rumour Report: Pacific deadline preview - Ducks, Flames, Oilers, Kings, Sharks, Canucks and Golden Knights

The Pacific Division is a mixed bag of buyers, sellers and question marks, and a brand new franchise in Las Vegas adds extra intrigue to this year's deadline. What will all eight teams do on the trade front this season?

Rumour Report: Habs active; Bishop; Avs trades soon? + more

Are the Avalanche getting close to making their long awaited Duchene and Landeskog trades? Is Montreal close to pulling off a blockbuster? And is Ben Bishop to Dallas becoming a reality? That and more in today's Rumour Report.

Rumour Report: Metropolitan deadline preview - Flyers, Devils, Rangers, Penguins, Caps, Isles, Blue Jackets, Hurricanes

The ultra competitive Metro division will be packed with buyers this year. Here's what all eight teams are rumoured to be up to this trade season.

Rumour Report: New names on the trade rumour board

Just a quick rumour board update summarizing the latest names entering the rumour mill and others that are seeing their trade percentages moving up or down.

Rumour Report: Central deadline preview: Blackhawks, Avs, Stars, Wild, Preds, Blues, Jets

In the first of a four part rumour preview, we look at what the teams in the Central Division might get up to this trade deadline.

Rumour Report: 8 under the radar NHL trade rumours

Here are eight key players that aren't generating many headlines this rumour season, but could be on the move before the trade deadline.

Rumour Report: Nylander, Ribeiro, Kulikov, Iginla + more

What is William Nylander's future with the Maple Leafs? Plus the latest on Dmitry Kulikov, Jarome Iginla and Mike Ribeiro in this edition of the Rumour Report.

Rumour Report: Four new contenders for Duchene, Vegas trades, Berglund + more

The list of teams grows for Duchene; Patrik Berglund's name surfaces once again; the Golden Knights may be allowed to make trades soon and lots more in this edition of the Rumour Report.

Forecasting this year's NHL trade deadline

How many trades will be made at the NHL trade deadline? Let's compare the number of trades this year to those made last year.