NHL Rumour Report: Bowen Byram blockbuster rumour surfaces

A stunning but credible NHL trade rumour has begun circulating online.

- "Really? Bowen Byram in trade talks?" That, I'm sure, was many of your first reaction. It was mine. The 4th overall pick in the 2019 NHL entry draft is considered to be a major part of the future for Colorado.

- But it's an all-in year for Colorado. Byram's promise may not be fulfilled for a numbers years and the Avs core is going to get a shellacking this offseason. And with Cale Makar locked in, Devon Toews taking over as a #2, with Sam Girard a capable #3, Byram may not be as big a help to Colorado on the ice this season as he is as a trade chip.

- And Byram's year is yet again being derailed. The young blueliner has had a career of troubling injuries, many of them concussion related. It's possible the Avs see these issues and are worried about the long term outlook.

- So maybe it shouldn't be a total shock to hear that the Canucks are kicking tires on Byram, perhaps sensing an opportunity to pounce on an Avalanche team desperate to load up. Their target: JT Miller.

- The Avs are far from alone in their pursuit of Miller, and they have their eyes on multiple big name forwards including Claude Giroux. But if Byram is truly a piece they're willing to dangle, they should be a very solid frontrunner.

- Reports Saturday suggested a young star defenseman is what it will likely take to pry an unnamed star out of Vancouver. Hmm...

- Again, it's hard to say if the Avalanche are dangling Byram or if the Canucks merely asked/discussed it internally. But the Canucks are playing hardball in Miller talks and sound reluctant to move him. Could Byram be what it takes to change their mind? 
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