Rumour Report: New Artemi Panarin contenders emerge

Rumours of potential contenders for Panarin continue to leak even with the NHL season ongoing.

Rumour Report: Rumblings around McDavid, Oilers aren't going away any time soon

Rumblings suggest the Oilers organization could soon be on the clock when it comes to Connor McDavid.

Rumour Report: Panarin sweepstakes could have over a dozen teams involved

The Artemi Panarin Sweepstakes are only just beginning with NHL free agency on the horizon.

Rumour Report: Erik Karlsson contenders begin to surface

Suitors for the pending UFA superstar have already begun to emerge.

Rumour Report: Laine, Benn, Hall, Tarasenko and Quick could all be dealt this summer

An unprecedented number of teams may elect to deal away their franchise players this offseason.

Rumour Report: Oilers, Leafs trade talks to continue in the offseason

Trade talks on deadline day are likely to carry over into the summer.

Rumour Report: Trade deadline aftermath sets up for frantic offseason

Just as interesting as what did happen at the NHL trade deadline was what fell through in the end.


All the latest rumour buzz in our live NHL trade deadline blog.

Rumour Report: 7 darkhorse trade candidates this deadline

Here are some trade deadline 'sleeper' picks to keep an eye on this week.

Rumour Report: Predators, Sens working on a Duchene deal?

Are the Predators pulling into the lead in the Duchene Derby?

Rumour Report: Staal back to Carolina? Avs selloff, Duchene, Hayes sweepstakes + more

Plenty of rumblings around the NHL with just a few days to go before the trade deadline.

Rumour Report: Trade market ready to bust open

We're in for a very, very busy week. With just days to go before the NHL trade deadline a ton of big names names still in play, buckle up.

Rumour Report: Wild ready for major roster overhaul

Quick update on a developing situation in Minnesota.

Rumour Report: Duchene, Stone situations coming to a head

Plans could be put in motion to trade Matt Duchene and Mark Stone early next week.

Rumour Report: Kovalchuk, Toffoli, Zadorov, Dzingel rumours; Leafs next move

The Bruins, Kings, Senators, Avalanche and Leafs are all up to something.

NHL Trade Deadline Top 15 Big Board

Rumoured destinations for top 15 biggest names at the NHL trade deadline.

Rumour Report: Huberdeau for Panarin and Bobrovsky? Stone and Duchene suitors grow + more

Rumblings of a major Panthers-Blue Jackets blockbuster grow, new teams get in on the Duchene/Stone sweepstakes and more in today's NHL Rumour Report update.

Rumour Report: Market heating up as NHL trade deadline looms

Buzz around the league suggests trades could be coming sooner rather than later with the clock ticking towards February 25th.

Rumour Report: New contenders for Panarin emerge; Leafs/Canes trade still possible + more

A frontrunner could be emerging in the Panarin sweepstakes, Leafs/Canes trade buzz and more in today's NHL Rumour Report update.

Rumour Report: Hoffman on the move? Quick, Zuccarello rumours + more

The Panthers hold a lot of cards and could break the trade market open in the coming days; Quick and Zuccarello rumours swirl and more in today's NHL Rumour Report update.

Rumour Report: Bobrovsky, Brassard on the move? Keith, Seabrook trade buzz + more

The Panthers and Blue Jackets are working towards a blockbuster, the Blackhawks are shopping Keith and Seabrook and more in today's NHL Rumour Report.

NHL Trade Deadline Rumour Tracker

All the latest rumour buzz in our live NHL trade deadline blog.

Rumour Report: Teams preparing Marner offer sheets; Carter, Martinez next out of LA? + more

The latest on the Kings, Maple Leafs and Blue Jackets.

Rumour Report: Laine, Jets headed towards breakup?

Bizarre rumours have begun to swirl in Winnipeg.

Rumour Report: The 9 contenders for Artemi Panarin; trade likelihood skyrocketing

A trade looks increasingly likely for Columbus Blue Jackets star forward.

Rumour Report: Bidding war brewing in the West as trade deadline looms

An arms race appears to be brewing among contenders in the West.

Rumour Report: Flyers, Blackhawks, Blue Jackets trade rumours + more

Trade rumours continue to engulf the Blue Jackets, Flyers and Blackhawks and more in today's NHL Rumour Report update.

Rumour Report: Devils and Sharks closing in on a trade?

Quick update here. Something appears to be brewing between San Jose and New Jersey.

Rumour Report: Muzzin trade could have domino effect

Jake Muzzin is the first big name off the board.

Rumour Reports: Stars, Caps, Red Wings, Blackhawks rumours + more

Several teams are ready to start dealing with the NHL trade deadline looming.

Rumour Report: Leafs/Hurricanes blockbuster in the works? Avalanche, Oilers trade deadline rumours + more

The Leafs could still be convinced to trade Kapanen, the Avalanche and Oilers prepare to make moves and more in today's NHL Rumour Report update.

Rumour Report: Talbot, Burakovsky, Simmonds Sweepstakes + more

Lots of rumblings surrounding the Oilers and Islanders, the sweepstakes for Wayne Simmonds and Andre Burakovsky heat up and more in today's NHL Rumour Report update.

Rumour Report: Leafs pursuing Muzzin; Zaitsev, Burakovsky trade talks intensify + more

The latest on the Leafs, Capitals, Senators and Hurricanes in today's NHL Rumour Report update.

Rumour Report: Devils could trade Hall; Muzzin, Zuccarello rumours + more

The Devils have a plan in place to trade Taylor Hall if faced with a Tavares-like situation; Muzzin, Zuccarello suitors surface and more in today's NHL Rumour Report update.

NHL Rumour Report: Contender for Mark Stone surfaces; Gudbranson rumours surface + more

Time is running out as the Senators, Canucks and Maple Leafs face tough choices ahead of the trade deadline.

Rumour Report: Penguins will trade Brassard; Ducks ready to blow up core? Oilers rumours + more

The Penguins, Oilers and Ducks aren't likely to wait for the trade deadline to start making major moves.

Rumour Report: Leafs' Kapanen, Johnsson available; Nyquist, Ferland contenders + more

The Leafs, Hurricanes, Red Wings and Panthers are generating some buzz on the trade market.

Rumour Report: Canucks, Senators ready to deal; Liljegren available? + more

The Senators and Canucks are getting closer to making trades; Timothy Liljegren enters the rumour mill and more in today's NHL Rumour Report update.

Rumour Report: Major Kings shakeup coming; Bobrovsky and Panarin contenders emerge + more

The Kings and Senators prepare for blockbuster trades; Panarin and Bobrovsky rumours surface and more in today's NHL Rumour Report update.

Rumour Report: Oilers increasingly desperate for a trade; Chiarelli's last stand?

DEVELOPING STORY: GM Peter Chiarelli is making one last ditch effort to acquire an elite forward and could be dangling some of the team's core assets.

Rumour Report: List of Simmonds contenders continues to grow; Flyers could move Gudas as well

There are now at least four teams are keeping a close eye on Wayne Simmonds, and the Flyers could ship out Radko Gudas as well.

Rumour Report: Devils 'really close' to making trade

New Jersey appears poised to bust open the trade market and get ahead of the trade deadline frenzy.

NHL Trade Market Watch: Top 20 Trade Targets

The latest on the top 20 rumoured NHL trade targets.

Rumour Report: Activity picking up on the NHL trade market; Schenn & Simmonds contenders, Sabres + more

At least three teams are in on Wayne Simmonds, Brayden Schenn is drawing interest and more in today's NHL Rumour Report update.

Rumour Report: Duchene contenders emerging as trade deadline nears

The pendulum is swinging towards a Matt Duchene trade in the coming weeks.

Rumour Report: Dougie Hamilton is on the block

Dougie Hamilton is on the block as the Hurricanes continue their search for an elite forward.

When is the 2019 NHL Trade Deadline?

With just a few weeks to go before the NHL trade deadline, it's time to look at what players might be on the move.

Rumour Report: Seguin, Benn future in Dallas unclear; Frolik, Edler + more

Rumblings continue to surround the Dallas Stars; the Canucks and Flames are fielding plenty of calls and more in today's NHL Rumour Report update.