NHL Rumour Report: Kane, Toews trade rumblings have begun

We might still be a ways away from Patrick Kane or Jonathan Toews being traded, but the seeds have already been planted.

- We've held off writing about the Kane or Toews rumours for a while because most reports suggested there wasn't a chance of it happening. The landscape seems to have shifted ever so slightly in the past few weeks.

- With the interim tag being lifted off of Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson, he wasted no time telling the media that the team is doing a proper rebuild. After years of tinkering around the edges of its roster to push for the playoffs with an aging core, Chicago appears ready to finally turn the page.

- Reports suggest teams have begun calling on Patrick Kane, but a trade is more likely to take place in summer than before this year's trade deadline. 

- UPDATE: We now have one team linked to Patrick Kane: the Avalanche.

- Jonathan Toews, who has battled injuries and inconsistency, is less likely to generate interest in-season. Davidson is believed to have discussed the team's blueprint for the future already, with discussions expected to continue moving forward. 

- As loyal as both players have been to the franchise, it's doubtful either veteran would be eager to end their careers stuck in a rebuild. Toews in particular vented his frustrations two summers ago when the Blackhawks pivoted towards a partial retool.

- Reports suggest neither player will be traded unless they request it. But based on the where the team appears to be headed, that might not be too far off.

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