Rumour Report: PK Subban could be on the move this summer

Rumblings out of Nashville suggest the star defenseman could be traded this summer.

Another disappointing postseason for the Nashville Predators has come and gone, and already rumours that big changes could be coming have started surfacing.

Well paid but often injured PK Subban could be one of the first ones out the door. His $9 million a season has made it harder for the small market franchise to load up on high end forwards, though Subban has been a key cog in an elite top four for the last few years.

Subban was previously jettisoned from the Montreal Canadiens after what appeared to be a locker room rift with team leadership. It sounds as if there could be similar issues in Nashville - although nothing on that front has been confirmed.

Subban does not have trade protection, so you guess is as good as mine as to where he lands. The Canucks showed interest in Subban in the past, meanwhile teams like Vegas and Tampa Bay are always on the hunt for high end defensemen.

There's no guarantee Subban is moved this summer - if at all - but it certainly sounds like GM Dave Poile is ready and willing to pull the trigger if the right deal comes along. Stay tuned.

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