Rumour Report: Kessel sweepstakes take new twist

Kessel has utilized his no trade clause list in an attempt to direct Penguins trade discussions with other teams.

Phil Kessel would be a member of the Minnesota Wild right now if it wasn't for his trade list. A deal for Jason Zucker was reportedly all but made, but Kessel used his contractual veto.

Rumours suggest Kessel preferred not to go to a Wild team stuck in NHL mediocrity, and would prefer to go somewhere closer to contending. Even a call from GM Paul Fenton couldn't convince him to change his mind. Somewhat surprising to some, considering Kessel's history with the Minnesota region.

That leaves us to speculate where he might be willing to go. Rumblings suggest Kessel's 8 team "yes trade" list includes teams he knows he would never be traded to this summer, such as the Maple Leafs. Such a list was designed to make it a virtual full no trade clause in effect.

The Arizona Coyotes continue to be connected to Kessel, although the Coyotes have their eyes on several other options, including Zucker.

Speculation now points to the Dallas Stars as another potential destination.

Teams like the Panthers, Avalanche, Hurricanes and Flames are also on the lookout for offense this summer. It's now a matter of which teams Kessel would actually waive for.

At $6.8 million a season for the next three seasons, teams could do a lot worse than to add Kessel, a perennial point producer.

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