Rumour Report: Predators, Sens working on a Duchene deal?

Are the Predators pulling into the lead in the Duchene Derby?

  • Lots of balls remain in the air as of this post, but there are some pretty strong rumblings that the Predators are making a major play for Matt Duchene with an offer that could involve prized prospect Eeli Tolvanen.
  • Duchene had just been officially put on the market by the Senators earlier in the week, but teams have been preparing their offers for a while now.

  • There's been a strong sense for a few days that Duchene might be one of the first dominoes to fall - most sellers are waiting to see what happens with Duchene and some of the other top rentals before dealing their own players. The result has been a prolonged stalemate between the buyers and sellers. But with just days before the deadline, something has to give.

  • The Predators are far from the only team taking a major swing at a Duchene deal, but GM Dave Poile appears highly motivated to win this one.
  • The Blue Jackets, Jets, Islanders and Flames also appear to be strongly in the mix. 
  • Duchene's trade percentage has risen to 90% on the Trade Rumour Board. Stay tuned.

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