NHL Rumour Report: The 6 known Claude Giroux trade contenders

A sixth contender has been identified in the bidding war for Claude Giroux.

- Trade chatter continues to pick up around the league, and Claude Giroux remains at the top of most trade bait board. There are few bigger dominoes to fall before the March 21st NHL trade deadline.

- Colorado's interest in Giroux has been well documented. As has Florida's.

- Two teams with varying degrees of interest - but who are importantly believed to be on Giroux's list of team's he'd accepted a trade to. The Hurricanes have kicked tires as well, although they aren't believed to be a frontrunner.

- A sixth, somewhat surprising team has entered the mix for Giroux: the Maple Leafs. Already linked to many of the big names on the market including JT Miller, John Klingberg and Ben Chiarot, the Leafs seem as poised as any to make a major splash this deadline. Now potentially armed with extra cap space due to Jake Muzzin's long term injury, the Leafs will be a team to watch.

- Although it was initially believed Giroux's list of teams was very limited, it sounds as if he has become open to a growing list of teams in the playoff hunt. Six teams have been linked to Giroux so far, but new teams are likely to surface in the coming weeks.

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