NHL Rumour Report: Mark Scheifele trade rumours surface

A stunning report suggests Mark Scheifele could be playing his last games in a Jets uniform.

- PK Subban. Taylor Hall. Patrik Laine. Jack Eichel. The list of players who appeared untouchable at the time and ended up getting traded is longer than you think.

- This one truly is out of left field, but let's at least entertain it: rumblings around the league suggest that this could be Scheifele's last season in Winnipeg as the organization takes a deep look at its core. Currently sitting out of a playoff spot in the West, the Jets may be looking at some form of rebuild or retool on the fly.

- Scheifele has been the Jets' top centerman for years and has a fantastic contract - 3 more prime years at $6.1m per. At first glance I don't get why you'd move a player like that, but if the Jets are looking at a gigantic roster overhaul, they'll be able to get a lot back for their top pivot. 

- Can you ever replace a number one centerman in their prime? It's not easy, and would certainly put the Jets back a few years from being competitive again.

- Most people's first instinct is to scoff at a rumour like this, but the truth is we don't really know what's going on behind the scenes. Has Scheifele asked for a trade? Are the Jets looking at some of their aging core pieces and trying to jumpstart a rebuild? It doesn't sound like anything is imminent, but we'll be sure to keep an eye out for any further developments either for or against the initial report.
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