Rumour Report: Leafs still listening on Nylander as deadline appraches

The Saturday RFA deadline has arrived, and William Nylander remains unsigned. Does he stay or does he go?

  • We're still without a William Nylander resolution just hours before the 5:00 PM ET Saturday deadline to sign RFAs. Both sides have dug in - but it's believed they're only some $300k apart in their offers. The best and final offers aren't likely to come until right before the deadline.

  • The Leafs continue to entertain offers from several teams, including the Flyers. It's believed the Leafs asked for Shayne Gostisbehere as recently as Thursday, but it's not clear whether that was something the Flyers would do. Ivan Provorov was expressly ruled out, while Travis Sanheim was deemed not enough from the Maple Leafs' perspective. Complicating matters - aside from the fact that any team acquiring Nylander would need him signed - is the fact that the Flyers are busy sorting out their front office. With so many moving pieces, it's hard to see a trade with the Flyers as anything more than a longshot.
  • Several teams that were once considered contenders for Nylander appear to have dropped out: the Ducks, Hurricanes, Wild and Rangers no longer seem able or willing to make a trade, be it because they lack the cap space or trade assets.

  • The Panthers and Kings have been linked to Nylander as well, but it's unclear whether they're still in the mix.
  • It's believed Nylander has offers for contracts that are 2 years, 3 years and 6 years in length.
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