Three teams pushing hard for Tyson Barrie

The Tyson Barrie saga has had many twists and turns, but it sounds like we may be getting very close to a resolution.

According to some, including Adrian Dater, the Avs and Barrie are headed to arbitration:

But reports in recent days have indicated that several teams continue to prod the Avalanche to make a trade. The Oilers have been long rumoured a frontrunner in this regard, having made a play for him in the leadup to the NHL draft.

According to Howard Berger, three teams continue to make a push:

In addition to those three teams, the Winnipeg Jets have been linked to Barrie in recent months.

The deadline to file for player elected arbitration is Tuesday at 5pm, so if the Avalanche's plan is to trade Barrie, it's very likely going to happen in the next 24 hours.

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