Evander Kane trade talk: Canucks, Ducks possibilities?

When the Buffalo Sabres aggressively pursued and traded for Evander Kane last spring, most assumed it was to make him a central figure of the team's youth movement for years to come.

After his acquisition from the Winnipeg Jets, Sabres management believed Kane was ready to turn the page on a troubled chapter of his NHL career and deliver on his immense promise.

Instead, Kane has had several brushes with the law and other controversy, and the rumour mill has ramped back up.

Reports indicate the Sabres are disappointed by Kane's conduct and may already be looking to move him out. Kane is also likely to explore unrestricted free agency in 2018 and may not fit into the Sabres salary structure long term.

Some suggest that the Vancouver Canucks, a team looking for younger players who can help the team win now, might be a potential fit. Rumours emerged last season indicating that there was mutual interest between the Jets and Canucks in getting a deal done, but the Sabres just offered more. Kane, a native of Vancouver, might look favourably upon the move himself.

Just spitballing here, but what about the Anaheim Ducks, who have been desperate to find a top flight left wing for years? It's clear the Ducks are ready and willing to deal a young defenseman, an area which the Sabres need a lot of help. While Kane might be a good fit on the ice, it's a whole other question whether the Ducks can handle salary and baggage that comes with the player.

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