Shattenkirk for Krejci rumours surface: how realistic?

A rumour is floating out there that the Bruins and Blues could be contemplating a swap of Kevin Shattenkirk for David Krejci.

It certainly would make some sense from the Bruins side, given their cap problems, their need for defense and their newfound depth at center ice with the signing of David Backes.

The Blues have been shopping Shattenkirk for quite some time, and could use a piece like Krejci to solidify their center group. The irony here is that Krejci makes more than Backes, who the Blues could have just re-signed. They also wouldn't have had to give up an elite asset to get him. Regardless of whether this rumour makes sense, there is clearly some basis to the Shattenkirk and Krejci rumours on their own.

The speculation surrounding these two should continue to heat up as training camp nears.

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