Will the Habs trade Tomas Plekanec?

Reports this past weekend indicate that the Montreal Canadiens aren't happy with the play of Tomas Plekanec and may look to move him at some point this season. The veteran centerman has 6 million due to him this season and next.

I have to say, this is one of those rumours that just doesn't look like it's going anywhere. Playoff contenders just don't trade big pieces in-season, unless they're getting big pieces back. That's difficult to pull off, although it's not unprecedented.

The second issue is the fact that he makes lots of dough. A 6 million dollar salary - even prorated - is difficult to fit under any team's cap. And 6 million can be spent in better ways than on 3rd line centers.

Plekanec is still a decent enough NHLer, but the market for him is likely to be quite limited. But the Habs will likely find a taker if they really want to divest themselves of him. The Habs have expressed interest in Coyotes UFA centerman Martin Hanzal - is there a swap that could be made here?

 He makes his debut on the trade rumour board at 20%.

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