Hoffman & Chiasson gone? Next Kings captain, KHLers flocking to NHL + more

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There are a few reports suggesting Senators wingers Mike Hoffman and Alex Chiasson could both be dangled on the trade market ahead of the draft this June. Hoffman has developed into a top sniper and will be expecting a decent raise as he enters restricted free agency. Chiasson has earned his keep and will look for security somewhere.

All sides will continue to work towards new deals, but failing that the Senators will most certainly start looking for trade partners.

Rumour tidbits

- Following the news that Dustin Brown has been stripped of the captaincy in Los Angeles, many are debating whether Drew Doughty, Anze Kopitar or someone else will be the replacement. For what it's worth, some close to the team are suggesting Kopitar has the edge.

- Evgeny Dadonov and Vlad Shipachev of the KHL are expected to decide on their NHL future in the coming weeks. There is some confusion about Shipachev's contractual status and when exactly he is allowed out of his current one, but speculation suggests he can talk to teams as of June 1st. Lots of NHL teams will be interested in both players.

- Out of the pending UFAs on the Free Agency Rumour Board, virtually every single one remains on the list. In just 25 days, NHL teams will be able to talk to those players. In 32 days, they will officially hit the market.

- Dale Hunter added as a rumoured coaching candidate. Check out where he could be headed.

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