Kostitsyns return; Radulov update, Faulk buzz

The Kostitsyn brothers, Sergei and Andrei, are once again generating buzz of a potential NHL return. The two last played in the NHL in 2012, and rumours of a comeback have surfaced from time to time. Hard to tell if this is a negotiation tactic with their KHL teams or if they genuinely have interest in returning. Reports out of the World Championships suggest Andrei is perhaps not in the greatest shape of his life, which could scare teams away.

Rumour tidbits

- Hurricanes defenseman Justin Faulk keeps coming up in rumours and speculation. I'm not sure where this started, nor am I sure why Carolina makes this move. But there's something going on for his name to have come up repeatedly over the past few months. Faulk is all the way at the bottom of the Rumour Board at a measly 1% chance of trade.

- The Florida Panthers seem to be the frontrunners for Alex Radulov at the moment, with the Red Wings not far behind. The Avs will always be in the mix due to Radulov's relationship with head coach Patrick Roy. Rumours indicate that Radulov is keeping the KHL avenue open, which makes one wonder if this is all one big negotiation ploy.

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