Rumour Report: Karlsson trade odds rising fast; potential fit emerges

What was almost unthinkable at the start of the season is quickly becoming reality, as Erik Karlsson takes center stage in the NHL rumour mill.

  • UPDATE: More than six teams are now engaged with Ottawa in trade talks for Karlsson.
  • Lots of smoke is billowing out of Ottawa as report after report suggests the organization is listening closely to offers for their captain and franchise defenseman Erik Karlsson.
  • Tampa Bay seems to be coming up continuously as a team pushing hard to make it happen before the deadline.
  • For months, rumours have suggested a Karlsson trade this offseason was hovering in the 50/50 likelihood range.
  • Karlsson threw fuel on the fire by strongly suggesting he was going to get paid full value when, not if, he hit free agency in 2019, though he walked that back afterward somewhat.

  • Reports indicate that owner Eugene Melnyk may not be willing to give Karlsson the contract he's looking for, which would likely be 7 or 8 years at over 10 million per.
  • Tampa certainly makes sense as a trade partner, given the bevy of prospects and picks they could offer up. It's rumoured the Senators are asking for as many as 7 assets, as well taking on Bobby Ryan's burdensome contract.
  • Karlsson is by far the biggest name to hit the trade deadline market in recent memory. It's not a sure thing he moves before the 26th, and if he doesn't, the speculation is only going to ramp up in the summer.
  • Karlsson sits at 55% trade odds on the trade rumour board.

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