Updated Vesey Sweepstakes rankings...roughly 13 teams involved

Just a quick update to the Jimmy Vesey Sweepstakes...this week Vesey will meet in person with a handful of NHL teams before making his decision.

A lot of different takes are floating out there regarding the current frontrunner(s), but there are more or less 7 teams who seem to be high on Vesey's list, and another 6 who can be considered "darkhorses".

Leading the pack

Chicago Blackhawks - The 'Hawks are considered one of only a few teams that still have a strong shot at Vesey. Chicago has closely watched Vesey in recent months.

New York Rangers - The Rangers have recently cropped up as a potential landing spot, and he certainly fits into the team's youth movement.

Buffalo Sabres - The Sabres have been unsuccessful in signing Vesey thus far, but they will be one of the teams he looks at in free agency.

New Jersey Devils - Rumours point to the Devils as a potential frontrunner for Vesey's services. With plenty of cap room and opportunity, Vesey could easily slide into a prime offensive role.

Toronto Maple Leafs - According to some, Toronto may have at some point been a frontrunner, but not everyone agrees with this assessment.

Boston Bruins - The Boston region is home for Vesey, and he's made it known they're on his shortlist.

Detroit Red Wings - Vesey might fit in quite well to a Red Wings franchise looking to get a lot younger. According to one analyst, Detroit is among the remaining contenders.


New York Islanders - The Islanders have scouted Vesey in recent months, and could use his firepower up front.

Montreal Canadiens - This one is a bit speculative, but there are some who think the Habs could be a factor.

Pittsburgh Penguins - The Penguins have come up as a possible landing spot for Vesey, although lack of opportunity and cap constraints will likely prevent that.

Philadelphia Flyers - The Flyers are interested in Vesey, but they're facing long odds to land him.

Nashville Predators - This one is a bit of a stretch, given the Predators traded Vesey's rights to the Sabres earlier this summer. Nonetheless, the team that drafted Vesey in 2012 would be more than willing to welcome him back into the fold.

Tampa Bay Lightning - The Bolts might not get too far into the Vesey Sweepstakes, but some believe Yzerman is plotting a last minute pitch.

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